"At Icarus & Apollo Productions, our passion is promoting your passion through captivating aerial productions"

Farm Productions

Farmers work hard to take care of their crops and livestock that can span thousands of acres. Our aerial photos and videos can capture the true scale of the amount of work and effort that go into feeding the country and the world. We can capture seeding, spraying, swathing, harvesting and more from the air in a cinematic production that can be used to showcase your family or commercial farming operation. The applications for our farm productions are numerous, from highlighting your operation for selling purposes, for insurance purposes, or just to kick back, put up your feet and admire your hard work with your family and friends after the crop is in the bin. Also contact us for our take on the traditional family farm house aerial photo. We can capture your farm house from the air with the yard staged how you want, from angles not previously possible by plane. 

Golf Courses

Being avid golfers ourselves, we can appreciate the perspective an aerial view of a golf course provides. Our shots from above will let potential golfers gain a new appreciation for how scenic and challenging your course is. Let us show off the hard work your grounds keeping crew puts in as well as the scenery around your course that makes it beautiful. Whether you want some high quality still photos from well above the course, a promotional video highlighting your signature holes, or a hole by hole tee to green fly by for each hole to provide a virtual tour on your website, Icarus & Apollo Productions can showcase the hilights of any course in an almost surreal way.

Real Estate

Trying to get across that you have a beautiful property, acreage, farm or view from your house can be difficult with just a camera. We can take aerial photographs and videos that put into perspective what makes your listing unique and attractive. If you have unique or important indoor features you want to show off from unique angles and perspectives we can even fly indoors and get very impactful shots. Our aerial pictures and videos will help you differentiate your listing and get you noticed.

Land Surveying

If you have large chunks of land to inspect or survey we can edit specialized high definition videos to quickly and cost effectively cover significant ground. We can even provide GPS information so that you can pin point any potential problem areas identified through the footage. We can cover x acres in x minutes. Whether we are counting cattle or surveying crops for disease, we are a very effective and economic option.


If you’re interested in more than your standard wedding photographs, we can offer unique photographs and videos capturing your special day from the sky. These videos and pictures make for great group shots, allowing you to capture memories of everyone who was there on your wedding day as well as highlight the scenery surrounding your wedding set up.

Ski Resorts

Allow someone visiting your website to see exactly the kind of breath taking views they can expect to see if they come to your resort. Also, we can showcase your lodges and cabins in ways never before possible. We can allow guests to view your resort both in a big picture and intimate format. Icarus & Apollo Productions can film anything from accomodations to trail networks to scenery and deliver it in a powerful way.

Movies and Music Videos

We can provide shots previously only possible with the use of an expensive helicopter or camera dolly. We can film landscapes, action shots or whatever else you can think of to help improve your project.

Use Your Imagination!

If you have any project where you’re interested in taking aerial pictures or videos, let us know as we’d be interested to be involved.


"We have used Icarus & Apollo Productions in September 2015 to not only give these Saskatchewan Business Owners a chance to display their talents, but also see our Golf Resort from a different angle. The work they did was phenomenal. Incorporating music to outstanding HD flyovers of the Resort not only puts you in a state of "I wish I was there right now" but also made us see exactly what our product was and also gave us a view for future expansion. The 5 minute video they presented to us is not only used in all of our tradeshow presentations, but also business proposals which left prospective business in an ideal location of business meetings, retreats, sales functions, or family getaways into current guests of the resort"


Trevor Secundiak

Director of Golf Operations.

Candle Lake Golf Resort