A beautiful aerial video just isn't the same if it doesn't have accompanying music that compliments the mood and tone of the shots. That's why at Icarus & Apollo Productions we take the music that goes along with our videos very seriously. 


As a local Saskatchewan company, we wanted to find music that fits the mood of flying gracefully through the living skies of this province while having a local flavour. That's why Saskatoon based Close Talker was a match made in drone heaven. Close Talker is a young indie-rock quartet who deliver beautiful and soothing melodies and smooth harmonies coupled with powerful rhythm. We are beyond thrilled to be partnered with this up and coming band who is taking the country and the world by storm with their incredible music and sprawling national and international tours.


While the music in whatever project you want us to deliver isn't limited to just their songs, we believe that Close Talker's jams add a great layer of depth to any of our projects. 

Check them out here: