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Our Story

We are two Sasky boys who love our province and our country through and through. We love to explore this land however we can, whether by foot, by canoe or by planks strapped to our feet. In the “Land of Living Skies” we were originally discouraged that we were limited to the ground because of our design flaws as humans and our lack of wings. So when we discovered quadcopters we were on cloud 9 in so many ways. These incredible pieces of technology allowed us to explore our beautiful backyard in ways we never imagined.


We originally selfishly kept all the unbelievable perspectives to ourselves until we realized that we should share what we were seeing with whoever was willing to look. We quickly learned we weren’t the only ones baffled by the aerial beauty of this great land and Icarus & Apollo Productions was born.

The Name

Who We Are

Why Icarus & Apollo you ask? That’s right, the enlightenment created by our droning has allowed us to read your thoughts. Is one of you Icarus and the other Apollo? Well it depends on the day really. As we learned to pilot the original, rudimentary drones we originally purchased there were several steps forward, with the occasional disastrous step back. Every time we gained confidence in our piloting skills we would push our birds to the next level. Eventually this confidence would reach the critical mass of cockiness and we’d figuratively (although sometimes literally) fly too close to the sun and our wax wings would burn up, and both our drone and ego would come crashing back down to earth like the Greek mythology story of Icarus.


Apollo on the other hand, had the task of using his four horse chariot to move the sun across the sky. It is this dependable, smooth flying we strive for. As we have upgraded our drones to far superior models, we aim to be more like Apollo and less like Icarus, while not forgetting the lessons we learned in our earlier Icarus days.

Icarus & Apollo Productions was founded by Paul Thiessen and Trevor James. They both bring a passion for business just as strong as our passion for droning. Paul has been involved running his family owned grocery store for almost his entire life. This environment has allowed him to build a solid business acumen through dealing with suppliers, customers, advertising as well as through every day operations. Trevor is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan who has over 6 years of accounting experience in public practice. Throughout his career he has serviced everything from large international public mining clients, to local not-for-profits and just about everything in between. 


Paul & Trevor's business backgrounds allow them to bring a unique skill set to the table in addition to their piloting and filming talents. They know business, and have the capability to approach any project from both a visually stimulating and business practical perspective. This means any project they work on won't just be getting the best shots possible, it will be catered around whatever you need to help your business grow. We'll take your business to new heights.

Fully Licensed and Insured

There are a lot of people out there giving UAVs/Drones a bad rap by operating illegally. We have Special Flight Operations Certificates issued by Transport Canada for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut and are fully insured meaning not only are you getting great videos and pictures when you work with us, but you can also sleep easy knowing that your project is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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